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What’s interesting you?

   Air can also get trapped in the body when obstructions exist causing us stiffness, swelling or inflammation, and the onset of many problems. 


   Fascia is a layer of connective tissue under the skin. It covers muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels, bones and nerves. Unhealthy fascia can cause an onset of problems, for instance back pain, adhesions in the muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.

Why Air Sculpture Therapy?

      Because AirSculpture therapy can effectively deal with fascia by using our massage tools to penetrate to muscle same as using ultrasound to increase blood and Air circulation and warmth, which may promote healing muscles affected by myofascial pain syndrome. We also use the heated herbal compresses to induce deep relaxation and not only disintegrate calcium, but also treat inflammation, and remodel fascia.


Three main
concepts of
AirSculpture Therapy 

  1. To allow Air in your body to circulate freely.

  2. To find and address the root cause of the problems, not to fix the effect.

  3. The body heals itself.

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