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About Us

I am a person who likes massage very much. I have tried many therapies. Whether it's Thai massage, hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, even sports massage, including acupuncture and physiotherapy, the results did not satisfy me. I still have the same chronic pain. Even if I massage every week but the pain was still the same.

Until one day, I went to study the Sculpture Massage in Chanthaburi province, Thailand. This massage was taught by Mr. Tham Pantusirisod and I felt that this therapy can heal my chronic pain. After that I continued to improve and develop this therapy. Until it came out as "AirSculpture Therapy", and now it's ready to be introduced to the public to receive this treatment.

If you feel like me, how many places have you massaged or have massaged man times? and still not recovered. I strongly recommend you to try "AirSculpture Therapy" and you will find out that not being in pain make our life much happier.

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